Norwegian Hearts :: About Us

Many years ago I knew a lovely elderly lady who lived next to me in Norway and for whom I cared for very much.

Her home was always open and in this warm and loving atmosphere she would invite all the children in the neighborhood to make decorations for the home. My favorite was the braided heart because a heart is a symbol of love and care and the braiding a way of strengthening and consolidating this.

Encouraged by family, friends and customers, I have since then continued to braid my collection of hearts and added the techniques to other items and materials.

It is a wonderful symbol to work around and an unlimited source of inspiration. Each item is a « pièce unique », hand crafted with the highest quality natural materials and customizable on request.

We wish that our products bring warmth, beauty and love into your lives, making your home a place for wellness and wellbeing.

Today, Norwegian Hearts, Home Arts & Crafts products can be purchased from the on-line shop based in Switzerland.

For each purchase made, one Swiss Franc will be donated on your behalf to the Ligue Vaudoise against Cancer (LVC Lausanne).

Thank you for your interest in Norwegian Hearts, Home Arts & Crafts.


Kari Lund Mestre

« a heart to share »